Piffy RIP

May morning 2005
photo Chris Bennett

One of our past Squires, Gordon Myland – ‘Piffy’ to the club for reasons we’ll draw a veil over – died on Tuesday.

Before joining the club he had been amongst other things a semi-professional wrestler, afterwards he was a District Councillor from 1988 until he died in office. The photo is of May morning 2005 when he was Mayor.

He added colour and enthusiasm to everything he did. One of his Council ex-colleagues wrote ‘St Albans Council will certainly be more boring without Gordon’. We remember him for all the things he did for folk in Hertfordshire and further afield, including being a founder member of St Alban’s Mummers, leading English Folk Packet throughout its history, as a member of London Folk, volunteering for EFDSS in Herts District, and of course for his contribution to SAMM through the lean years of the 60s and the boom years of the early 70s folk revival.

In the photo: Sandy Glover, Chris Hillier, Mike Ruff, Mike Bennett, Jim Rose, Jon Peett, Trevor Adams, Chris Warren (obscured), Edd Bennett, jOHN Price, Brian Bending, Kim Winter, John Beecham, Cllr Gordon Myland, Chas Whitlock, Gordon Jones, Bob Combes

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