constructionWe hope you like the new website. Look on the right (or below on smaller screens) to find out how to See us, Book us, Join us.

If you can’t find what you want here, try the search button at the top right (also on the left sidebar if it’s visible). If you still can’t find it, or are strangely nostalgic, there’s the old site.

Any comments, issues, moans, even compliments about the new site to webslave <at> stalbansmorrismen.org.uk.

You probably don’t want to read the stuff below here …

Progress to date
  • Basic site structure & minimal formatting
  • Right menu
  • Trimmed left sidebar menu
  • Top menu covers much of jOHN’s menu – except photos (need a plugin), old programmes (bulk upload to event_organiser) and Betley window
  • 2014 programme
Next on the list (not necessarily in this order)
  • Can we get Book us and Join us to be links but still look like headings?
  • Photos from old site. Will need a ‘gallery’ plugin
  • Top photo strip?
    And/or use grid display of Twenty Fourteen theme?
  • Replace ‘continue reading’ with ‘more’, possibly smaller font, right aligned.
  • Betley window (but site can go live with link to old site)
Design decisions to be made
  • Is a list of posts the right thing to see on the home page? How many? Only some categories / tags?
  • Change style sheet to make better use of space e.g smaller fonts but be careful, better designers than us have been here!