… but once a year

Holly_Christmas_cardOne of the nice things about having a club that’s been around for a long time is that you develop a number of little traditional activities.

Christmas is a particularly traditional time of year.

  • We cut short the last Monday practice before Christmas and go to the White Hart Tap to sing carols.
  • Some of our members are also in St Alban’s Mummers who perform every Boxing Day.
  • Plough Monday is the first Monday after the twelve days of feasting at Christmas, the day when farm labourers go back to work, typically ploughing for spring sowing. SAMM take a more laid back attitude and have our final feast of Christmas on Plough Monday.

But most important of all is the taster session on 19th January, when all of you who might fancy giving morris dancing a go – and you know deep down you really do – can come and try it.


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