John Price

john7This website was originally developed by John Price aka jOHN of St Albans. Almost all the witty and informative words you find on the site are his. John died unexpectedly on 6th February 2007.

Listing his accomplishments is inadequate, but for this club alone, he was Squire, Bagman, webmaster, distant members correspondent, overseas tour organiser – usually several of those at the same time. John’s accordion playing shaped not just our music but our dancing as we tried to reflect his rhythm, energy and joy. More than all of this, he was wonderful company, serious or silly as the occasion demanded.

We will remember him for his warmth, his wisdom, his wit, his website, his willingness … and that’s just the “w”s!

Update Feb 2014 – it’s the new website now, but we’ve still got a lot of jOHN’s words and pictures.

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