Spring is here …

Spring daffodilsSpring may only be with us fitfully, but it’s time for us to sort out our summer programme. We do our best to keep the list of events ‘live’ on the website, but here is a printable version, which won’t be updated.
And the programme is so important it’s on the website 3 times:

  • In the main top menu (may appear as 3 bars on smaller screens such as phones) under Events. I prefer the ‘Events Calendar’ by month to the ‘Future Events’ list.
  • On the right hand menu (you may need to scroll right on smaller screens) are the next few events. At the moment it’s fairly repetitive, just our Monday practices, but use the right arrow button to go further on.
  • On the left sidebar (scroll down below the latest posts on smaller screens) is a calendar view with a coloured blob on each day we are doing things. Hover on the day to see which shows etc there are, click to go to them. If there’s only one event you’ll get a map as well, if more than one you’ll have to click on each to get the relevant map.

OK, all that sounds a bit complicated. Just try them and see which suits you best.

Small print: the programme is still provisional but we publish in good faith what we expect to do. We’ll update this website as things change, so please check before travelling.

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