2018 Repertoire


This page will mainly be of interest to other morris dancers (if anyone).
But if you have just happened by, these are the names of the dances
we may be performing in Summer 2018. They are listed against
the names of the villages where they came from.
Our dances are mainly in the Cotswold style, with some Border. Our longsword is currently in abeyance.
(See explanation of styles here.)


Handkerchief Dances

Stick Dances

Adderbury, Oxon. Lollipop Man
Princess Royal
Blue Bells of Scotland
Postman’s Knock
Ascot-under-Wychwood, Oxon. Jockie to the Fair
Bampton, Oxon. Bonny Green Garters
Rose Tree
Step & Fetch Her
Bledington, Glos. William & Nancy Young Collins
Border traditions   Bromsberrow Heath Stick Dance
Field Town, Oxon. Balance the Straw
Headington, Oxon. Hunt the Squirrel
Ilmington, Warks. Bumpus O’Stretton
Old Molly Oxford
Lichfield, Staffs. Sheriff’s Ride Ring o’ Bells
Vandalls of Hammerwich
Sherborne, Glos. The Cuckoo’s Nest
Stanton Harcourt, Oxon. Bean Planting
Brighton Camp
Wheatley, Oxon. Room for the Cuckoo